Gwyn Evans - Colourist - 44(0)7768271152 The Bedford Park Post Production Company Ltd.
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The Bedford Park Post Production Company started in 1990 as a high end telecine company speciallising in innovative and highly creative colour grading for 35mm, Super 16mm and Super 8 film. One of the first companies to use the Da Vinci grading system, and always pushing the boundaries and the limits of image manipulation. The technology has changed dramatically since then, but Gwyn's dertermination to create imagery that pushes the story telling has not diminishes. From the highest quality 4K film scans to all the digital cameras, grading is done in the fully calibrated grading theatre with 5.1 audio and 3D available. Da Vinci Resolve grading, Adobe Creative Cloud including Premiere Editing and After Effects with fully authored Bluray and DVD. All this powered by 2 Titan Black GPUs giving spectacular performance.
Grading for Feature Films, Short Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Restoration, Quality TV Documentaries and Drama. The Bedford Park Post Production Company Limited. 46 Priory Road, Chiswick, London W4 5JA 07768271152